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Major Industrial Parks

I. Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone for Airport-based Economy is China’s first pilot zone of airport-based economy. Situated near the Xinzheng International Airport, the Zhengzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone consists of the nation’s first comprehensive free trade zone, bonded logistics center, export processing zone and railway container terminal. With the support of the national government, the zone will push forward the development of airport economy, driving the coordinated development of new urbanization, industrialization and modernized agriculture of Central Plains Economic Zone. The Experimental Zone is planned to have “one city five zones” including the core zone, the main zone and three areas.
Core zone: An aviation city with an area of 356 square kilometers, the zone focuses on developing aviation related industry, such as the aviation service and maintenance, aircraft parts manufacturing and aircraft leasing. It also includes high-end manufacturing industry, such as information technology, biological medicine, medical equipment, photoelectricity and semiconductor, new material industry, education and training, business and leisure, health and other services industries.
Main zone: Situated in the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng New District and the Shangjie General Aviation Industry Base, the main zone focuses on developing as the economic hub for finance & securities, automobile manufacturing, cultural tourism and high-end real estates. In the Kaifeng West New District, it focuses on developing production base for home appliances; in Shangjie General Aviation Base, it focuses on developing national air logistic hub, aircraft 4S shop, aircraft leasing, aircraft navigation assembly and manufacturing industry.

II. Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Park

Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Park is a new materials industry cluster area established on the basis of super-hard materials industry of Zhengzhou High- and New-tech Zone, integrating superhard materials and products, precision ceramic materials, magnesium alloy materials, packaging materials, and so on. There are more than 60 new material enterprises in the park, including over 40 high and new technology enterprises, undertaking more than ten torch-plan or 863-plan projects.

Geographic Location

Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Park is located in Zhengzhou National High and New Technology Industry Development Zone. Located in the northwest of Zhengzhou and close to National Expressway System, Zhengzhou National High and New Technology Industry Development Zone (Zhengzhou High- and New-tech Zone) is a new modern, ecological science and technology zone with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The packaging and printing base of the new material park lies between Huagong Road and Wutong Street, west of the 4th West Ring.


III. Zhengzhou Biomedical Industry Park

Established on January 18, 2000, Zhengzhou Biomedical Industry Park is a scientific and technological service agency for public welfare under the direct administration of Management Committee of Zhengzhou High and New Technology Industry Development Zone, a biomedical industry base engaged in the Torch Plan of Henan Province, and a special area entitled with tax preferential policy by national laws. As one of the cores of Zhengzhou High- and New-tech Zone innovative system and an important part of the Zone’s system of “Multiple Parks in a Zone”, the Park is mainly to support the development of genetic engineering drugs, biological products, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, agricultural biotechnology engineering, high and new technology seed industry, medical devices and health care products, to foster small- and medium-sized technological enterprises and entrepreneurs, and to promote the commercialization of biomedical and biotechnological achievements.

Geographic Location

Zhengzhou Biomedical Industry Park is located in the central region of Zhengzhou High- and New-tech Zone and has a planned area of five square kilometers. With two cultivation bases of 16000m2, the Park is an ideal office and production place for enterprises. In this park, Henan Province Seed Industry Base integrating scientific research, processing and trade, and 50000 m2 standard workshops designed in accordance with GMP Standard, are in the planning phase.

IV. Zhengzhou Optomechatronics Industry Park

Zhengzhou Optomechatronics Industry Park is a specialized park set up by the Management Committee of Zhengzhou High and New Technology Industry Development Zone to promote the technological level and innovation capacity of optomechatronics industry, and high-speed development of economic benefit. As the only “Henan Province Torch Plan Optomechatronics Industry Base” approved by Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Park is invested by the Management Committee of Zhengzhou High and New Technology Industry Development Zone to provide development space for medium- and small-sized enterprises.

V. Central Software Industry Park

The Central Software Industry Park is the first specialized scientific and technological park integrating software research and development, manufacture, trade, demonstration, personnel training and agency service in Henan Province established by the Management Committee of Zhengzhou High and New Technology Industry Development Zone in September 1999, under the support of National Ministry of Science and Technology and Zhengzhou Municipal Government. It is certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “National Torch Plan Software Industry Base” and “National 863 Central Software Incubator”, and certified by Ministry of Information Industry as “Zhengzhou State-level Information Security Products Research, Development and Production Base”.

VI. Zhengzhou Textile Industry Park

Zhengzhou Textile Industry Park is located at the north of Zhengshang Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, at the east of Baisong Road and Nanshui East Road, at the south of Duying Street, and at the west of the 4th West Ring, and has a total area of 13km2.

The Park has complete functions and clear division of areas. Its “five areas and one center” consist of textile printing and producing area, garment processing area, textile machinery manufacturing area, product display and sales area, production and life service area, and textile information center. The Park will focus on the development of textile printing and production, garment processing, textile machinery manufacturing, product display and sales, and other industries.

VII. Xingyang Garment Industry Park

Xingyang City of Henan Province is the first “garment industry transfer area” in China, approved by China National Garment Association. China Garment Industry Transfer (Xingyang) Base is located at the east of Jingcheng North Road, East District, Xingyang City, at the west of Zhengzhou Ring Expressway, at the north of Jianshe Road, and at the south of Shanggao Road (Shangjie District- Zhengzhou High and New-tech Development Zone). With an area of 5000mu or so, the Park is mainly for the construction of garment, trappings, accessories production and processing enterprises. 

VIII. Zhengzhou Women’s Pants Fashion Innovation Park

At present, there are over 700 garment enterprises in Erqi District, of which women’s pant enterprises take up more than 80%, with an annual output of over 80 million sets (pieces), annual production value of 3 billion yuan, and nearly 100,000 workers directly engaged in the garment industry. There are more than 500 enterprises with self-owned brand. At present, the first phase of Zhengzhou Erqi Garment (Women’s Pants) Industrial Park, located at the intersection of Daxue South Road and the 3rd South Ring of Zhengzhou City and covering an area of 265mu, has been put into use.

IX. Henan Packaging and Printing Industry Base

Printing and packaging industry is an important part of the culture industry. Henan is an important printing and packaging industry province. By the end of 2008, the province has nearly 9000 printing and packaging enterprises with 150,000 employees, and an annual output value exceeding 12 billion yuan. The number of printing and packaging enterprises scattered in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, has reached 2000.

Zhengzhou Huiji Printing and Packaging Industry Park will be located at the east of Jiangshan Road, west of Fengshuo Street, north of Dahe Road, and south of Lvcheng Road. It is within Dahe Industrial Park with complete supporting facilities and superior development conditions, and next to the provincial-level tourism lines—Jiangshan Road and the 4th North Ring under plan; the national traffic arteries around it, such as Lianhuo Expressway, Jingzhu Expressway, Jingguang Railway, No.107 National Highway, intercrossed here, which gives this area advantageous geographic location and convenient transportation. The total planned area of the Park is 1.3km2. At present, seven enterprises have concluded the intentions of entry, with a total planned investment of over 400 million yuan. It is estimated that the annual production value will exceed 1 billion yuan, expanding an employment capacity of more than 3000 people.

X. Zhengzhou International Logistics Park

With a planned area of about 86 km2, Zhengzhou International Logistics Park is located at the east of Jingzhu Expressway, north of Zhengmin Expressway, west of Wansan Highway (new No.107 National Highway), and south of Longhai Railway. Among the 174 industry cluster areas in the first batch determined by the Provincial Government, this park is the only international-logistics-industry-oriented one, and a high-end logistics core area with international logistics and regional dispatch as main business in Henan Province’s and Zhengzhou City’s logistics industry development plans.

XI. Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Industry Cluster Area

Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Industry Cluster Area (including Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone) is one of 175 industry cluster areas in Henan Province. Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only state-level economic development zone in Henan Province. Established in April 1993, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has a planned area of 12.49 km2 and was approved by the State Council as state-level economic and technological development zone in February 2000. 

XII. Zhengzhou Zhongmou Industrial Park

Zhengzhou Zhongmou Industrial Park is the industrial corridor between Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, and Kaifeng, the ancient capital, and an important expansion area for future urban construction development of Zhengzhou. Two provincial-level industrial cluster areas are arranged here, that is, Baisha and Guandu. Taking full advantage of its location advantage of being next to Zhengdong New District CBD and Longzi Lake College Park, Baisha Industrial Cluster Area takes headquarter economy, professional education, modern service, high and new technology as primary industries, affiliated with living and service function. Giving full play to the opportunity of constructing Green Expo Garden, Guandu Industrial Cluster Area takes modern service, technological research and development, and cultural creation as primary industries, affiliated with business leisure, service and living functions.